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The Affect Of Late Payments On Your Credit Score

Posted by : Frank Mignosi

You try hard day in and day out to attain a high level of credit worthiness. You make your monthly payments on-time like clockwork, but then you come to a fork in the road. Maybe business is slow this time of the year or maybe its a holiday season and you had to budget in […]

Credit Monitoring Services

Posted by : Frank Mignosi

People strive to maintain a high credit score. Having a high credit score opens the door to many opportunities when immediate cash flow is not available. Paying your bills on-time and being cautious of your expenses is very important. There are many different credit monitoring systems out there to choose from, but exactly what are […]

Establishing Credit With A Secured Card

Posted by : Frank Mignosi

In the past few blog posts we’ve discussed the Basics of the Mortgage Qualification Process and What the Fair Credit Reporting Act means to you, the consumerĀ and now I would like to touch on a different subject. What if you have little or no credit and can’t find a lender that will approve you for […]